Whenever I'm stuck in the design doldrums, I head for France (well French web sites) to give myself a whole new look.

I'm not sure who's behind "Benita Loco" but the site is chock full of strange and interesting polymer clay creations. The technique is usually rough but the sensibility is self-assured and chic. And the necks of the models are always young and lovely.

If you tire of the polymer section, you'll find colorful treats in the rest of the site too.

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    • reply franziska ,

      Thank you for your great links everyday.
      it’s amazing what different kind of jewelley one can make with the fantastic polymer clay… 😉 go on! i love your blog. Greetings from Switzerland.

      • reply rosace ,

        Dear all,

        first thanx for all your greats links.
        I v’ just sent an e-mail to benita who will perhaps tell you more about who’s behind…
        But – it’s benita-loca (not loco)


        Long life to polymerclaydaily,


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