Potter, poet, printer Ebby Malmgren finds that she can call upon all her talents by using polymer clay for her printing plates. "Soon after I started making prints I realized I missed the 3-D possibilities of clay and it occurred to me that polymer clay might be a solution," says Malmgren.

Her detailed description of the process makes me want to experiment. See one of her prints at the left and the polymer printing plate at right.

The artist splits her time between Annapolis, Maryland and Taos, New Mexico. She recently received a lifetime achievement award from the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County. Many thanks to Susan Rose who alerted me to this wonderful artist.

  • reply mari O'dell ,

    Ebby is a the kind of person/artist we all want to be when we grow up.She has been inspiring me as a potter and person for more than 30 years.Her son Rick Malmgen is also a wonderful potter and teacher.It’s great that she has added polymer clay to her studio materials list. The polymer community will benefit from her inspiration and experiments.

    • reply patsy ,

      what fun to read about her ‘path’ to where she is now.. loved the sub title suggestion: “How I got here from there and what I do now that I’m here,” boy have I had days like this! LOL

      thanks for sharing!
      it is always great to see how other ‘use’ polymer

      patsy in Florida

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