Don't you wish your guild had a site like I can't read German but the pages are so lovely and well-organized that it hardly matters.

They've recently added a gallery of their members' works. The necklace at the left is from the Nadja Fünfsinn page. And Mona Kissel from West Virginia is listed in members gallery. Small world.

There's a lovely tutorial of Maggie Maggio's watercolors plus a couple of others to mull over. Thanks to web mistress Bettina Welker and to Janet Hoy for reminding us to take a second look.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Nice to see Nadja back on thePC Daily! She is one of the most inovative and creative clayers I know. And I’m not saying thatjust because I love her dearly – she really is an amazing artist! I’d keep a close eye on that gal if I were you. Kudos to Nadja!! 😉

    • reply Nadja Fuenfsinn ,

      Thank you Cynthia and Melanie! For the necklace I have to give credit to Luan Udell: her necklace from the 400 Polymer Clay Designs inspired me!
      And yes Bettina does wonderful work both in website design and in Polymer Clay and she is so powerfull; I’m a big fan of hers!

      • reply Bettina Welker ,

        Wow, Nadja again – Congrats – I love that piece a lot.
        Thanks aslo to Cynthia to link our (not yet guild) page again;)


        • reply Yosh ,

          You can have non-English web pages automatically translated. Go to and enter the URL of the page you want translated. Then specify the source and target lanugages (e.g., German to English), and hit “translate”.

          • reply Debbie Kirk ,

            Hello: I love your site and try to visit it daily. Ha, ha. Anyway if you do a google search for the web site name minus the www and all the stuff after the name it will bring up the site and if you hit translate this page, which is directly after the site info than it does come up in “english” (well sort of) Love how the french word cane translates to the english duck. (your guess is as good as mine about that one).

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