PCDaily is not about promoting products (note to self). Voice, authenticity, daring, quirkiness…that's what we hunt for in polymer clay art. And one way to express yourself clearly is by making your own tools, textures, stamps and transfers.

Victoria James' silicon plates look like the results of long walks in the woods. If yesterday's textures piqued your interest, be sure to check out today's links to Victoria's plates for sale along with ideas for making your own. She'll be demoing her techniques at the San Diego guild's Sandy Camp next week. We hope the group will send us some pictures (hint, hint).

Fall in Ohio is just full of color and texture. I hope you can get outside and soak in all the beauty this weekend.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Ach! You have to stop tempting me with those stunning texture plates!!! 😉

    • reply Vicky Edwards ,

      I love reading PC Daily everyday, to see what interesting things you have chosen for that day. I am never dissapointed. And I love that you have so many different artists’ sites listed. Bless you for this. May it continue for a long time. Vicky Edwards

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