And in the spirit of the season, today we bring you the figures and automata of Chomick and Meder. These sculptures contain a great combination of alluring and repulsive. Most of the sculptures are produced in resin but they're obvious cousins of polymer clay. The series pictured at the left is called "Pin Heads."

Be sure to cruise through the gallery of Bawdy Women. Susan Rose sent the link (not that she's a bawdy woman).

  • reply Melanie West ,

    OMG! The little photo you posted hardly does justice to the fantastic collection of wild characters these folks make. Zow! Did you notice that Peter Meder is now working on computer servo mechanizms?

    Oh, and it looked like some of the heads ARE made of pc – Cernit to be exact. 🙂 Very cool! Thanks for the posting!

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