I couldn't resist sharing this "Beauty" link with you. This short video clip says it all.

  • reply Julie ,

    How very true, and how very sad…we’ve all been duped into believing this, but hopefully the women who come after us won’t be buying into it so easily….
    OBTW, my DH said he liked the young lady much more before she got “fixed”….

    • reply Judy Belcher ,

      My daughter and I just talked about this last night! Thank you for always bringing us beautiful things to look at, think about, and be inspired by.

      • reply Jackie Sieben ,

        I was so shocked by this! We are sure getting duped – constantly. No wonder everybody is in such a tizzy about their looks. It’s a sad testimony – that girl was pretty even when she was “ugly”. Thanks for sharing – I sent the link out to about 100 more people. Hope it helps them as it helps me to realize how fake things we see can be.

        • reply Hazel ,

          It truly is sad to see this. I dare to say that most people don’t stop to think or realize that so many pictures we see on TV or published have been altered. And unfortunately the gullible younger generation is greatly affected by what they see and hear.

          • reply Will Scarvie ,

            I almost missed this post…I was flipping through your (wonderful!) blog, looking at all the inspiring eye candy, and saw this little post. Something made me have a look, and I’m so glad I did. I’m the father of two wonderful little girls, and just love the message and the warning in this video. I’ve already passed on the link to all the other Dads I’m close to. Thank you!

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