Christopher Malone's creations are an exciting hybrid of realistic dolls with amazing facial expressions of polymer clay and fantastical creatures with wild dress and embellishment. They range in size from 14-inch "magic hands" to 7 1/2-foot stilt dancers and are simply spectacular.

What a surprise to come across this Ohio-born artist who's living in Washington, D.C. Thanks to Kathleen Anderson for sharing the link.

  • reply Michelle ,

    WOW! Thanks for sharing Christopher’s work.

    • reply catherine ,

      this is truly GREAT work! the faces just seem sooooo real!

      • reply Jana Roberts Benzon ,

        You’ve done it again, Cynthia…..thank you so much for introducing us to this man’s work! It is astounding!!

        • reply Shirley ,

          Amazing! Loved the site, also poked around the links he provided and it was such a treat!


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