Good Company

This issue of Ornament magazine gives us all a boost. Not only are Ford/Forlano on the cover, but the magazine is full of our ilk…Winters, Dustin, Friesen, Van Helmert and some I've missed I'm sure (let me know if you spot them).

I'm not sure I understand the article about Ford/Forlano but I'm sure glad it's there and I have great respect for their work. I catch myself saying, "I remember when they were all about grids and tubes and cartoon colors" as I read that they've evolved from Nietzsche and Dionysus. So be it. I must have missed something along the way.

I'm awfully proud that our craft has attained such lofty heights. I love to thumb through the magazine and punch in all the web addresses. It's a great education.


Perlenkuche (bead kitchen) makes mouthwatering beads in Bern, Switzerland. Don't we wish our holiday cravings could be satisfied by these delicacies?

I'm amazed at how the ice cream of these two artists has such realistic texture. And their meringues! Hmmmm. No need to speak German to enjoy this site.

Thanks to paper mache artist Gabriele Kunze for the link.