Jack Weidler sculpts amazingly detailed wildlife and fantasy creations hair by hair, feather by feather from polymer clay. He's an Arizona artist with physical challenges who loves his work. This kind of detail is beyond my comprehension. Be sure to thumb through his portfolio and enlarge to appreciate the detail.

Thanks to Susan Rose for the link.

It's time for me to stand on my soapbox and encourage all our readers to join the National Polymer Clay Guild. There's a new energy and vitality in the guild and you'll want to be part of it. Online voting for new officers is going on now. Join, volunteer, help further your art and craft.

Small Business

No big production work on today's site! Liana Turnbull embellishes skulls from her Colorado ranch with polymer clay. Baking bones and polymer clay has made for some nasty smells and at least one ruined relationship.

Liana describes her process in detail. It's a fun read and will stretch your imagination. Take a break from your tame Christmas earrings and visit these exotic sculptures.

Big Business

I spotted Viva Beads in a local shop and had to explore further. Their beads are carried in a dizzying list of stores so I’m assuming we’ve got a big production going here. They carry a short list of patterns and their beads are all identically sized. Though the address is Northbrook, Illinois and the company was started by Lori Mottlowitz and Jill Manzara, I doubt they’re operating out of their kitchens.

I laud their success (nice color palette) and at the same time lament the fast food approach. Anybody know the story?

Family Time

I love this wall sculpture by Christi Friesen so very like our family gatherings this time of year. You may be able to identify some of your relatives in the shrunken heads section of Christi's site.

Remember to be charitable and tolerant of one and all and give thanks for those differences that make our world and our art so varied.

I recommend Christi's wonderful self-published books. They're inexpensive, well designed, instructional and a great read (good gifts).


When we left our vacationers, Maggie was resurrecting 20 pounds of Fimo which she had mixed into colorful blocks 10 years ago for a grand production plan that was interrupted by a household move and other of life's vagaries. It seemed a shame to waste all that clay which at one point was lost in the depths of a warm warehouse.

You'll be happy to know that the old crumbly "Terrazzo" canes were being turned into stunning pins and earrings. I'm only sorry that I didn't have time to take more pictures. Perhaps Maggie will send some. Yes, indeed, you can salvage very old polymer clay.

I'm back from the wild west and into the land of green grass, moist air and blessed broadband. Today it's also the land of laundry and voicemail and catching up at the office. I hope to be back in the swing tomorrow.

Go West

Melanie West

Switzerland's Nadja Fuenfsinn sent this link to Maine's Melanie West's new site. Long way around the barn, eh?

Not only is Melanie's jewelry fun to look at (nice use of those colored scrapbooking rivets) but she's got bracelet blanks and great print screens for sale.