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She'll say she's not quite ready….it's not quite finished…wait, wait! But I say it's December 1 and time to unveil Maggie Maggio's site. You'll just have to come back again and again to see the class listings and tutorial updates. 

In the meanwhile, luxuriate in the galleries and get a taste of the color classes. Look at those stunning pieces. Sorry Maggie, I've held this under wraps for as long as I can stand it. Happy launch.

And while you're luxuriating, consider a trip to Italy next summer to study with Maggie and others at Louise Fischer Cozzi's studio. Have a lovely weekend.


  • reply Maggie Maggio ,

    A little push here and there helps a lot. Thank you, Cynthia, for encouraging me to blog, for helping me get started and for everything you do to build the polymer community. PCD is a huge gift to all of us.

    • reply Julie ,

      Wonderful! I’m going to be spending even more time on some brilliant blogs! Can’t wait ’til she’s finished with it!

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