Annie Wahl may be the creator of yesterday's "snow baby" according to a tip from fellow Minnesotan Maureen Carlson. I couldn't stop chuckling as I cruised through Annie's site.

Annie says of her work, "Even when I have a specific plan in my mind, someone else inevitably shows up. I just welcome them in and in truth, these characters are most often the best company."

"I sculpt dolls for the pure joy of creating and having fun. In return they have taken me on this blissful journey meeting other doll artists, organizations, events and people whom I would not have had the opportunity to meet."

If you want to see Annie's step-by-step process, download this .pdf file, a reprint of a 4-page article in the National Institute of American Doll Artists magazine. What a treasure trove I've stumbled into. Thanks Maureen.

This just in from Babs Young in Michigan. She thinks my original baby may have been from Indiana's Kathryn Walmsley. Hey, take a look at her crayon sculptures! The mystery and the great links continue.

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