When a neighbor ask my cabinetmaker husband to make her a fairy door, it was our first introduction to the concept. I had no idea that such things existed.

Kelfae (not sure of the artist's name) makes a polymer clay version of fairy doors. Her web site is a bit challenging but fun to browse in this season of elves and fairies. (In case you can't read the text, here's a bit of it. "Each door is individually sculpted and painted using sculpey and acrylic. Prices range from $25 AUD for a single-story, to $35 for a double story. Windows are also available. Doors are ONE PIECE, the doors do not open upon their frames.") And here's a bit of an explanation of the concept.

The link was sent in by Geraldine Newfry whose site is always a treat as well.

  • reply Jean Melton ,

    I could not see to read on that site (Fairy Doors) What was that site suppose to show?

    • reply sari0009 ,

      Loved the doors. They invite the imagination.

      • reply kelfae ,

        Hello there,
        I just found out you’ve had my site in your blog. Thanks… although I am wondering how exactly my site is challenging and hard to read?

        • reply Jamie ,

          I just looked at the site and thought the doors were cute and creative.
          I didn’t have any trouble reading the site, nor did I find it challenging, there were no problems there.

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