Who better to celebrate the New Year with than that crazy Bulgarian, Dinko Tilov? I'd lost track of his site and through a series of links (visit clay wizard), found him just in time for a polymer clay New Year's party.

His characters are wonderful exaggerations. Note the devil and angel at the right who may be whispering on your shoulder right now as you consider your last bite of 2006 overindulgence. Happy New Year!

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Happy New Yeaar Cynthia, and all!

    If you visit Dinko’s site, you must read the stories that go along with his charactors. i especially like the chess sets. A great laugh for a new year!

    • reply Marjorie Zambrano (KiwiHandmade) ,

      Cynthia: Happy New Year my best wishes for 2007.

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