A look at Donna Kato’s new personal site will inspire and tire you. All those pets, a whirlwind travel schedule, classes galore, online tutorials and wonderful polymer clay work. Plus the books and the business. And she’s teaching herself how to post it all to the web.

This is a lovely glimpse into how a busy successful artist works. She’s easing up a bit and with any luck, 2007 will be the year she learns to ride. This is a site you’ll want to visit again and again.

Donna’s new book is due out this summer. You can pre-order your copy now.

  • reply sandie ,

    hi…love donnas’ new web site. the pictures are awesome. cant wait to see her again at flinfeb….sandie

    • reply Bettina Welker ,

      can’t get to her website – i get an error message – seems her website-account has some limitation on transfer….

      • reply Susan Finch ,

        Same here, couldn’t bring it up.

        • reply mary ,

          can no longer get access to Donna Kato’s new site. Do you know why that is? Saw it yesterday and …drooled!

          • reply mary ,

            can no longer access Donna’s new site…did yesterday though and…drooled

            • reply Kay ,

              i get an error message about limitation on transfer also. do i have to join mac.com?

              • reply Kathy ,

                I get a message saying there is a bandwith problem – I think it might be on the website end.

                • reply carlie ,

                  I can’t get to her website either.

                  • reply Michael ,

                    Maybe if you try again later, you’ll be able to get in. That happens with websites, sometimes. I had no trouble with the site, and I haven’t joined mac.com (whatever that is (g)).

                    I’m looking forward to seeing her new book!

                    • reply Ponsawan ,

                      I get to her website just fine. I’m sure I will go back again and again and again.

                      • reply Donna ,

                        Sorry, guys! I guess I used all the space they gave me so I had to buy some more! 3 more gig (I think it was gig)! I’m learning something everyday about this web stuff. Hey, I put up a counter today! I wonder if that’s a good or bad thing…..

                        Bye, Donna

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