These chunky diva art bangles are from Steven Ford and David Forlano at Charon Kransen Arts. A tour through their slide shows some other new works that look like a significant departure from earlier work with more reliance on metals and other materials. Susan Rose found the link.

Correction: Dan Cormier couldn’t believe his eyes at Ford/Forlano’s work. And he was right. Steven says the gallery attributed several pictures of someone else’s work to them (the enamel and metal works in the slide show). Thanks to Dan for the detective work.

Your new work? The National Guild folks remind us that you have until April 1 to submit your best new work to the guild’s "Progress & Possibilities" juried exhibit. Welcome and good luck to the new officers of the NPCG who have great plans to move the guild forward this year.

  • reply Kim Cavender ,

    Beautiful bracelets!

    • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

      I can never get enough of Ford Forlano, and I REALLY can’t now since I can’t figure out how to access the slide show. Can someone tip me off how to access them? Many thanks!

      • reply naama zamir ,

        click on the picture of the bracelets and it will take you to the slideshow

        • reply Rebecca Burns ,

          Wow! They are refreshingly different. Very inspirational.

          • reply Mariane S. ,

            The work of Steven and David is so beautifull … what a grate article again … thank you for this inforamtion !

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