Susan Rose made these lovely vessels out of the leftovers from her extrusions class. What a wonderful use of materials.

If you haven’t wandered around in her polymerclaynotes site recently, you’ll want to revisit it. Every time I turn around there’s some fabulous germ of an idea or tool or technique that has totally eluded me. Very inspiring!

  • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

    polymerclaydaily and polymerclaynotes are both inspirational and delightfu. Sometimes when people ask me why I write how-to articles about making jewelry — why would I want to help others copy what I’m creating — I explain that I’m grateful for mentors who’ve helped me in this journey and I want to repay that by helping others. Cynthia and Susan do that with their blogs — they are artisans with clear artistic and literary voices, and they use those voices to make the world smaller and friendlier.

    Check out Susan’s theemptyvessel blog as well — you’ll find links to it from both polymerclaydaily and polymerclaynotes. More often than not, I see things that are so astonishing they make me gasp — with delight.

    • reply sari0009 ,

      Thanks for today’s entry, I found it very enjoyable, and…I love the “pass it on” attitude too!

      • reply Julie ,

        She, as you, do more for promoting polymer clay and sharing knowledge than anyone else. It can’t be reiterated enough the thanks we all feel for what you guys (gals!) do for all of us. I may not use everything you showcase, but I sure so pay attention to it…and more often than not, I pull something from the back of my memory to use and realize it’s something you gave me.
        Thanks so much,

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