Here’s a page that will wake up your Monday morning. Sandra McCaw has published a web page of her work. One page is all we get so far and her work is stunning.

In case you missed it a few months back, you can view a McCaw cane building demo that I photographed at ShrineMont more than ten years ago.

Sandra has moved to Massachusetts and joined up with polymer clay artists there. Judy Dunn sent the link along. Judy’s blog is a fun read too.

  • reply sandra ,

    Thanks Cynthia and Judy! It only took me about 5 years to get up one simple page, and that only because my sweetheart took the initiative and did it for me-many thanks to him! This is only a first pass with hopefully more to come in the not too distant future.

    • reply Dalia from Lithuania ,

      Sandra’s jewerly are wonderful :)) And she’s amazing person

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