I love the interplay of the gradations on this piece by Catherine Verdiere from Le Havre, France featured on her Ethno-Polymere blog. There’s a wealth of novel ideas and clever solutions on her site.

And her French/English translations are a real help. I’ll have to figure out how she does that. (Oh, she translates it herself since she’s an English teacher! Nice to be bilingual.) Nothing like a lovely new discovery from Susan Rose to shake me out of the doldrums.

  • reply Val ,

    I have seen her work in real (not in pictures) and it’s wonderfull. Color, technique, ideas,… evrything is perfect in her work.
    she deserves the honor of a post on your blog.
    Wonderful blog by the way. Thank you very much for the sharing.

    • reply catherine ,

      Thank you so much Cynthia and Susan for this post. I was very surprised when I did my PCD daily visit to come across my own jewelry!!! And to answer your questioning about the translation, Cynthia, it is my own. Before I started working full time in jewelry design, I used to teach English: that helps for the blog, and I’m glad you appreciate 🙂
      Best wishes, and thank you too for your work on this wonderful blog; it’s a real pleasure to check everyday what is going on in the international polymer clay community.

      • reply Sherry Bailey ,

        Hi Catherine! (I just know you will check back!) I LOVE your Skinner blend pieces — the optical illusiont of one of the bigger beads in the black and white necklace is perfect — it really looks sculpted in 3 dimensions, but I’m sure it’s really flat. NICE work!!
        (Didn’t I meet you at Ravensdale??)
        Sherry Bailey

        • reply Julie Picarello ,

          Catherine is on my shortlist of favorite artists…her intriguing use of color blends and her electic designs never fail to capture my attention (and my awe!). Thanks for the link!

          • reply catherine ,

            Thank you to all of you for your messages, I am really touched and pleased by your comments 🙂
            Valérie, j’espère que tu vas bien,ça m’a fait très plaisir de te rencontrer. Peut-être à une prochaine réunion?
            Hi Sherry ( you’re right, I’m checking back!) I think the bead you’re talking about may be the ONE bead in the necklace that is not actually flat!!! I’m talking about the one that is not blended. It’s a sheet of white clay raised above the black base bead. It’s got a hole in the middle in which I inserted a ball of clay.But the gap between the black and white doesn’t show on the pic. I wanted to add contrast not only through both colors, but also through the dimensional side, and through the touch. The not-flat bead is slightly textured so it has a grainy feel, whereas the blended beads are covered with resin and are really smooth. I like this necklace as well, but unfortunately I haven’t got much time to create big pieces at the moment; I just wish I had a whole week to myself …
            I would have loved to meet you at Ravensdale, but unfortunately I have not been there yet…
            Julie, I was on your site browsing through your jewerly pieces the other day and I thought to myself how neat and soft and elegant they were. Very nice work!

            • reply Melanie West ,

              Excellent work, Catherine! Your craftmanship is super, and your sense of design just delightful! A real inspiration. 😀

              • reply catherine ,

                Thanks a lot Melanie 😀

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