These recent works by Jeffrey Dever at Mano Gallery round out the week. Like yesterday’s artist, Jeffrey starts with organic shapes and translates them. Says Dever, "My quest is not to replicate God’s finest gifts of flora and fauna, but merely to enter into the dialogue."

You need to see and touch Dever’s works to appreciate his craftsmanship. The patterns and lines are not surface decoration or paint, but carved or incised details backfilled with contrasting colors of clay, cured at each stage. An individual piece can easily go through 20 to 30 fabrication/curing cycles and take weeks to complete.

  • reply Toni ,

    I had the pleasure of taking a class with Jeff Dever and seeing his work in person. Jeff is a wonderful person and his works of art are incredible. If you should ever have the chance to take a workshop of his. Dont miss out…………………Toni

    • reply Jeanne Dumond ,

      His work is fabulous! The detail shots of the pieces really help to see the work better. Thanks for the eye candy!

      • reply Susan ,

        What gorgeous work! I would love to see these in person. Amazing.

        When I went to the Mano Gallery website, I wondered if they had other polymer artists in their list. None of the categories seemed to fit…I finally found Jeffrey Deaver on their list of “fiber” artists. Not sure if this is funny or sad.

        • reply Alev Gözonar ,

          I love your works…

          • reply catherine ,

            Jeff Dever’s work is so clean and neat that every time I look at it it gives me an idea of what perfection is; I feel more drawn to his pieces that do not include wire though…

            • reply Ivana ,

              This is ART ! Jeff Dever arrives to give to each of his creations something that let me dream and brings me to an other world !
              Fabulous work !

              • reply Chris Perlette ,

                How can he makes such kind of colors and design, it’s amazing how every one can do so different work with same polymer clay !

                • reply jacqueline stratton ,

                  I love Jeffrey Dever’s work. This is beautiful art. Thanks so much for the exposure to it.


                  • reply Mariane S. ,

                    I would’nt find the good word to describe what I feel when i look at Jeffrey Dever’s work … It looks like a dream on an other planet … This ART for me, universel and untouchable .

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