Keri Joy Colestock creates series of polymer clay "Wall Dancers" that are colorful and lively. The optimism of these creations is surprising since they were started in response to a health challenge.

I wish I could zoom in on the pictures and get a better grasp of Keri’s techniques. But techniques aside, these wall pieces are terrific to look and show a quirky, resiliant spirit as well as a fine command of color and shape. Thanks to Susan Rose for starting our Tuesday so brightly.

  • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

    If you check her eBay auctions, you can see larger pictures of her work. Great stuff…great find!

    • reply Chris Perlette ,

      Gorgeous !
      I do make some hanging dolls but nothing compare to that work !

      • reply stephanie ,

        i am buying one! BEAUTIFUL THINGS ON THIS SITE!

        • reply Terri Stone ,

          Her work is outstanding! Wonderfully creative and so fun!

          • reply Mariane S. ,

            Realy fantastic !!! I would put those dolls all over my walls to have a shiny life !!

            • reply River ,

              What a woman, her story is as incredible as her art.


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