Ponsawan Sila is on the move and she faithfully records her progress on her blog. She includes pictures of her workspace and step-by-step tutorials on this method, a twist on mokume gane.

What this generous artist takes for granted is her color sense and her knack for pattern creation. No muddy colors or uninteresting patterns on her worktable! Take a look at her homemade texture plates. Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder, Ponsawan.

  • reply Vickie ,

    Ponsawan is as fun and friendly as she is talented. I purchased some of her pink ribbon beads (for breast cancer awareness projects) and her craftsmanship is also fantastic.

    I love these bubble beads. Cannot wait to try the technique.

    • reply Nancy Revoir Dezotell ,

      What a marvelously talented and giving artist Pon is.
      Thanks for the “TUTS”.

      • reply Ivana ,

        what a great idée! The beads are looking very nice!
        Thank you to share this tutorial with us !

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