More bright colors! This time from Portugal and from two friends, Xana and Té, working together on their "Dream with Art" site (if my translation’s correct).

Though they produce mostly pens, incense burners and other simple items, their color sense is clear and their onlay technique is carefully executed. You can feel the bright Portugese sun.



  • reply Lunes ,

    Wow what stunning pens! I love them.

    • reply manela ,

      I’m a daily visitor of your blog! Love reading it. I’m Portuguese. I would like to correct the translation it’s more like “dream about art”. thank you for showing so many beautiful things.
      bye, manela

      • reply Xana ,

        Every day i came here to see the wonderfull works.

        Today was diferent…….i’m so happy, i don’t now what to say.

        Thank you Cynthia, it’s a dream to be on Polymerclay dayli among so many talented artists and amazing works.

        • reply Dalia ,

          I already know the beautiful works of Xana and Té!! They are just fabulous and i’m very PROUD to have some of their things and to see their work recognize internationally!! Congratulations!! ;o)

          • reply Teresa ,

            I’m very happy for them. The work that they execute is beautyfull and is recognized. Congratulations and continue …

            • reply Patricia ,

              They are great!!! I just love their job, and im hoping to see them this month.
              Their pieces are lovely, full of color and simply adorable!!

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