Yes, these are polymer clay canes so detailed that it seems impossible. Since 1991, Wes Warren from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has been perfecting his caning technique and making his living from his well-developed skills.

Many of his beads are built on sports or team imagery. His word canes are incredibly precise.

You can see a sampling of his beads on his Flickr page and read his fascinating life story on his ebay site.

I picked up this Canadian inspiration by way of Israel from Iris Mishly’s blog, Polymeri Online. You’ll want to check out her finds often so I’ve added a link to her in the sidebar.

  • reply Iris Mishly ,

    Thank you so much Cynthia 🙂

    • reply Mariane S. ,

      Incredible !!! How is it possible to be so precise !!!!!! May be possible with 99 years of experience !!

      • reply Bettina Welker ,

        I bet he uses sth. like customly designed “extruder disks” for the writing and the logos…he sure uses some kind of technical help to do these canes so precisely

        • reply Xana ,

          The precision of Wes Warren canes is unbelievable.
          It realy looks impossible to do such a perfect work.

          • reply Wes ,

            No extruder disks are used, and the designs are done entirely by me. That is, it is a ‘techinque’, but it is my own…no technical help from anyone.

            It would be easy to teach this, but I don’t know that end of the business at all.

            • reply Wes ,

              In my haste, I forgot to thank you all for your exhuberant feedback!

              Thank you!!

              • reply Charlene ("Cat") Therien ,

                Wes, I’m very impressed. Well, impressed is an understatement. Congratulations on all the hard work, and the hours and hours spent in the studio. It looks like you are sucessful in your canework ventures, and it certainly sets your canework above and beyond the rest of us. Bravo!

                • reply Wes ,

                  Thanks, Cat. The more I look around from under my little rock here in Thorhild, Alberta…the more amazed I am by the myriad of creative geniuses around the world that have chosen polymer clay as their medium, and the number of techniques that are as mysterious to me as to anyone!

                  I’m at a difficult stage of the game, where I can produce, publish, or perish…but the feedback and candor of the ‘pc community’ has helped me to eliminate the latter as an option!

                  It’s confusing to most people why I’m not producing like crazy and making a zillion megabucks, but I’ve made so many mistakes over the years that I’m kinda’ in wait-and-see mode at the moment. Needless to say, Thorhild is NOT the place to be, but it’s been a quiet enough place to develop my ‘system’ without(further) fear of losing the secret.

                  Am I blithering, Cynthia?!!

                  Thanks again, and best to all,

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