Swap Peek

Swappers are gushing over the works they’re receiving in the mail. I find that I’m a better viewer than participant. For those of us who prefer to watch, there are sites like Dorothy Greynolds’ and the two links from yesterday to satisfy our curiousity.

Michigan’s Dorothy shows a sampling of luscious polymer clay work she’s contributed to swaps over the last few years including the "pretzel beads" shown here. Dorothy’s graphic style translates well into a delightful mask formed over the back of a teaspoon. Take a look at her creations. Have a lovely weekend.

Bubble Beads

Ponsawan Sila is on the move and she faithfully records her progress on her blog. She includes pictures of her workspace and step-by-step tutorials on this method, a twist on mokume gane.

What this generous artist takes for granted is her color sense and her knack for pattern creation. No muddy colors or uninteresting patterns on her worktable! Take a look at her homemade texture plates. Thanks for letting us look over your shoulder, Ponsawan.