Anything Goes Monday

"Anything or everything goes," says Connecticut’s Peggy Dembicer of her girl in the white dress, "polymer clay, stones, metal, plastics, fibers, sequins, beads, wood, buttons, paper, bark, fabrics, push pins, hat pins, yogurt caps." There’s an attitude to start the week.

It looks like this piece is loosely based on a William Merritt Chase painting (or is it a John Singer Sergeant)? Peggy particularly admires the work of the Huichol Indians of Mexico who set bead designs in beeswax.

You can read more about Peggy and her fiber arts background here and here.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Goodness, Peggy Dembicer is a prolific artist! I just spent an hour going through her work. I adore her mixed media stuff. Very inspiring, to say the least. Thanks for sharing this jewel, Cynthia!

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