When Seattle’s Charlie Nagel and I met in class 10 years ago, he was a metal sculptor just beginning to explore polymer clay. He delights in creating pieces that feel monumental and architectural but are actually quite small in scale.

His background as a psychiatrist and a musician reveals itself in his provocative and contemplative approach. Take some time to view his new pieces and read his statements about them.

Charlie begins by explaining,"It was Emerson who said, "What lies behind us and what lies before us are of small consequence compared to what lies within us.’ The process of exploring that inner space I think of as a voyage of discovery, and the function of art can be to provide a series of sign-posts to awaken our inner vision."

All this talk of visions and voyages reminds me of my own UFO’s (UnFinished Objects). What a perfect long weekend to complete them.

  • reply Julie Picarello ,

    What a fabulous time I had exploring Charlie’s site! While lingering over each photo I had to keep reminding myself that this was polymer clay…his color palettes and textures so vividly recreate the feel of large and imposing metal sculptures. Truly captivating and unique work – this is a site I will be adding to my favorites!

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