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Ponsawan Silas’ necklace stringing slide show is worth a bit of clicking. (It first appeared as a very small image but if you click around or wait a bit it turns into a workable viewing version.)

Not only does Ponsawan string polymer clay beads in fanciful ways, but she makes very clever use of the slideshow software (and it’s free). No need for a video camera, just add your step-by-step pictures to a slideshow. Genius!

Make sure you scroll down her page and see the rest of her "wild things" necklaces.

  • reply Christie Wright ,

    Yes, yes! Ponsawan has the most wonderful beading style! She is an inspiration to those of us who are stringing challenged. 🙂

    • reply Julie Picarello ,

      I’ve never met Ponsawan in person, but her good nature and sense of humor come through clearly in her writings! I appreciate not only her imagination and creativity but also her willingness to share them. Hats off to her!

      • reply Ponsawan ,

        Thanks Cynthia. This is such an honor. Also thanks to my friend, Stacy, who told me about the slide making. 15 years ago my daughter bought a book that had some beads in there and we made jewelry together. Then her necklcae broke off, beads flew out all over the place. She was cring and I’d determined to learn how to make pretty sturdy jewelry so no one had to cry over the broken necklace. This technique allows me to add more beads as needed.

        • reply Kathy Weaver ,

          I LOVE this stuff. Great beading Ponsawan. Really nice style.

          • reply Ron Lehocky ,

            I had the pleasure of meeting and working along Ponsawan at a class in Louisville. She is very talented, creative, prolific and generous. Her web site is wonderful. I have seen her use her talent and creativity to make beautiful unique beads from “scraps” at the Diffendaffer class we shared. I am honored to call her a friend. Ponswan is a jewel in the world of pc.

            • reply Lynda ,

              I appreciate his imagination and his creativity, but also his division. Ponsawan cheer!!!
              merci !

              • reply Ponsawan ,

                Thanks for your kind words everyone, especially Ron. 🙂

                • reply sari0009 ,

                  Simple but elegant, feminine, and unique, with echoes between focal bead and others.

                  I love it.

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