It’s fun to poke around in the polymer clay items offered in The Artful Home online catalog. The prices are nearly as inspiring as the work (like this spectacular box by Bonnie Bishoff and J.M. Syron).

And speaking of prices, I was captivated by Alison Lee’s interview with art business coach Bruce Baker on her CraftCast podcast.

Bruce theorizes that the very high and very low prices we see on artwork are extensions of what’s happening in our economy. "Art becomes a metaphor for what’s happening in our culture," he says. The middle is vanishing. He predicts that after this war, as after wars in the past, there will be increased appreciation for the earth and the arts.

  • reply Alison Lee ,

    Thanks for that mention Susan. Bruce is really spectacular and if you put his ideas to work in your daily art life you will absolutely make a huge leap forward!
    Time to get out of your own way I say!
    BIG HUGS cyber sister!

    • reply Trina ,

      It is nice to see Bonnies work. I took a class from her at Ravensdale almost ten (gee how time flies) years ago.. She does wonderful leaves.

      • reply Alison Lee ,

        Sorry Cynthia!!!! I got my polymer clay blogs confused. Glad you enjoyed the show with Bruce. Geez… time to step away from the computer.

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