Read the profile of Missouri’s Scott and Victoria Garrette if you want to know how one young artist couple struggles make a living these days. They paint and those colors and patterns spill over into their polymer clay work


They tried New York. They tried "real" jobs. They have children. They do Etsy and shows. In the midst of their moves they left a totally cool straw bale studio behind. They’re back in Missouri and they sound quite happy.

Here are the Garrette’s Etsy sites (his and hers), the Kansas City Etsy street team they’re active in, the blog, the Flickr photos. "I live to create," says Scott.

Have a creative weekend.

  • reply marcia ,

    This is a wonderfully talented ocuple. I loved their work from the first day I spotted them on Etsy. Just recently Scott posted pictures of his new canes to our flickr group, PCAGOE. All I could say was, “wow”.

    • reply Michele ,

      I’m a proud owner of their work; beautiful and finely crafted.
      I must own some of the grasshopper cane. AMAZING!

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