Polymer clay beachwear! Made by Nova Scotia’s Mary Dowden-Marrie, (MaryMusic on Etsy) these little delights look so summery.

Mary’s adept at wire work and I’m not sure that the polymer clay butterflies were made by her but I couldn’t resist. Give yourself a pedicure and take off for the beach. Have a lovely weekend.

Art as Metaphor

It’s fun to poke around in the polymer clay items offered in The Artful Home online catalog. The prices are nearly as inspiring as the work (like this spectacular box by Bonnie Bishoff and J.M. Syron).

And speaking of prices, I was captivated by Alison Lee’s interview with art business coach Bruce Baker on her CraftCast podcast.

Bruce theorizes that the very high and very low prices we see on artwork are extensions of what’s happening in our economy. "Art becomes a metaphor for what’s happening in our culture," he says. The middle is vanishing. He predicts that after this war, as after wars in the past, there will be increased appreciation for the earth and the arts.

More Cover Girls

Lindly Haunani’s purple polymer clay pods are on the cover of August’s Crafts Report magazine! Lindly talks about how she uses marketing materials to set up workshops. You can download a terrific article free from the magazine (along with great pictures). Fourteen polymer clay artists share their insights about making a living in the medium of polymer clay.

Read marketing tips from Jana Roberts Benzon, Lindly Haunani, Diane Manzi (her mosaic is pictured at right), Valerie Wright, Judy Kuskin, Louise Fischer Cozzi, Consuelo Okdie, Peggy Houchin, Eileen Cressman-Reeder, Donna Kato, Luann Udell, Georgia Ferrell, Judy Summer and Loretta Lam.