Fall Colors in Polymer Clay

The air is crisp and cool here and with the distinct feel of fall. Here are two sites that reflect the upcoming season in polymer clay.

Michigan’s Jan Ziozios creates transfer collages that look like heirlooms. Her treatment of birds is particularly appealing as the neotropicals migrate south.

Lesya Binkin has given up her day job as a graphic designer in Israel to concentrate on her polymer clay art. She combines layers of metal leaf, powders and liquid clay into lovely vibrant necklaces. To see her gallery page of pendants is to capture autumn in a glance.

  • reply Sheri Williamson ,

    Cynthia, your comment “…as the neotropicals migrate south” sounds like birder talk!

    • reply Jan Ziozios ,

      Thank you for featuring my bird necklace! I have been a fan of Leska’s work for some time now, too.

      Jan Ziozios

      • reply Lunes ,

        Wow – what stunning pendants and a beautiful laid out site too!

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