Haunani and Maggio Warm Up for Their Color Book

Polymer clay’s most famous color girls, Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio, have moved into writing mode as the deadlines for their new book loom. They’ve been exercising their writing skills by posting to their blogs.

Lindly’s running down her "top 100 tips" list and Maggie’s examining how the color blind experience color along with some great links to see how your web pages look. We’re in for treats as they warm up for book writing. They’re also looking for photos to illustrate their concepts. Submissions are due to them by November 1.

Details for submission are on Lindly’s site.

  • reply heather ,

    I have an interview with Lindly on my craft gossip blog today!

    I love Lindly’s blog too, so glad she joined the blogosphere!

    • reply Lea Hernandez ,

      I looked and looked and can’t find where they’re taking submissions! Got a link, oh mighty daily one?

      • reply Lindly Haunani ,

        Thank You! for featuring the Polymer Clay Inspirations Color book that Maggie and I are working on. I have been out of town teaching a color workshop and enjoying southern hospitality at Vanderbilt University …and have updated my blog to include the details for submitting images to our project.

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