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I’m so pleased to discover that Marie Siegel has a new site which includes some of her recent polymer clay work. Who else can claim to have crocheted a polymer clay sweater or to have worked in the medium since 1971?

"At one point I had 18 employees and sold to Bullocks, Macy’s, Nordstrom’s, the Icing, and lots of other major stores. I remember being the busiest I have ever been, having more money than I have ever had, and having no time or inclination to do more art or anything else. My work was in show rooms in New York and Los Angeles and I produced product lines 5 times a year," Marie remembers.

Marie knows the vagaries of fashion and vows "to be all I can be for myself and my family and not for another company or person." She and Howard have operated the Clay Factory, Inc. since 1980. You’ll want to read all about her.

Thanks to Susan Rose for giving us this heads up.

  • reply Maureen Carlson ,

    I still remember visiting Marie and Howard at the then-called FIMO Factory in 1989 or 90. I was enthralled with the bins of scrap clay and the education I received just by looking at the exciting variety of intricate cane trimmings. Oh, the colors!!!!!!!

    For someone who had been working in relative obscurity in Minnesota, this trip to see what the Seigels were doing was mind boggling. What fun.

    Now that Polymer Clay has become a staple of the craft stores, it is easy to forget that just a short 20 years ago, polymer clay was relatively hard to find – and oftentimes hard, as well! I started using FIMO in 1979 when it was still available in 5 lb. buckets.

    Marie and Howard are two of the reasons that polymer clay has become what it has become – an accepted art material.

    So, here’s to your new site, Marie. And here’s to the excitement of the journey.

    • reply Marie Segal ,

      Thank you so very much Cynthia. You made my year!
      And thank you too Maureen!

      • reply Pörrö ,

        Oooh, drool. The muertos on the gallery are just stunning!

        I met Marie in England about 5-6 years ago and she was stunning. Okay, the claying was stunning too, but I must confess I fell in love with the “no-bull”- attitude of Marie about clay, life, art, craft and everything. I did learn a lot – and not only about claying but something about not taking it all so seriously but keeping hold of the experimenting and playing.

        • reply Barbara ,

          I was at Michael's craft store today and looking through a polymer clay book, saw your name under some beads you made that looked like dirchroic glass. I would love to know how to make these. I've just started out working with clay and I love it. 

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