Sober in Seattle Earring Show

If you’re stuck on the same old designs, you might be inspired by the extravaganza of contemporary earrings published in "500 Earrings: New Directions in Contemporary Jewelry" from Lark Books this year.

To celebrate the publishing of the book, Seattle’s Facere Jewelry Art Gallery will show over 250 pairs of earrings by 29 different artists, all in the book, from across the country. There’s a lecture and champagne on Monday, October 8 if you’re in Seattle. Julia Sober who’s moved to Seattle, will be among the luminaries.

Thanks to Elise Winters for the tip.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Yum! I love this book.

    If you make earrings and don’t have this book, it’s time you did! Lol!

    • reply Grant Diffendaffer ,

      Facere is a great gallery and those Lark books are fantastic. I’m not sure if it is a roving exhibition, but the Velvet Da Vinci gallery in San Francisco will also have an exhibition related to that book starting Oct 17th.


      • reply cloud777 ,

        As it is interesting! How many imagination at people:)

        • reply Julia Sober ,

          Thanks so much, Cynthia! I was again thrilled and honored to find my work featured on Polymer Clay Daily. 🙂

          The show opening last week was great! I gave a brief slide presentation along with three other artists for the lecture session beforehand (Sarah Wilbanks, also previously featured on PCD, did a talk on her work also.) During the reception I marveled at the truly impressive range of jewelry in both the show and in Facere’s space in general. I could have examined the Ford/Forlano and Cynthia Toops pieces for hours.

          If you’ve never been to Facere, I highly recommend visiting! Incredible inspiration to be found there.

          All the best,

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