Bennett’s Sculptures Rejected/Accepted

"Life is a Balancing Act" is the name of Liana Turnbull Bennett’s polymer clay sculpture and fitting title for her story.

When this Colorado artist entered her sculpture in a recent "clay" show, it was rejected. But while she waited for the group’s verdict, the piece was spotted by a gallery customer and promptly purchased.

Liana’s animal skull sculptures, "Battle Cry" and "Speedy" won several awards in shows this summer. Her story is a good read. Remember, "Life’s a balancing act!"

  • reply Valerie Aharoni ,

    Dynamite Artist!

    • reply Julie ,

      He who laughs last, laughs best…!!!
      great art!

      • reply sophia lenz ,

        For decades, ceramic art has fought tooth and nail to be considered as fine art. The rejection they have endured ought to have taught them to be more open minded about other medium.
        I am a full time ceramic hobbyist and I also work with polymer clay, as well as fiber, metal, wood…etc. The work that went into Bennett’s work is simply tedious and stunning regardless of the type of clay. The rejection from this clay group is simply “fear”. Not only are they afraid, they are also in awe, stumped as well as impressed. Read a blog from Kim Cavender, she has a story that says it all.

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