Bradshaw’s Sculptures

This polymer clay figure called “Frozen Slumber” could have been found in my snowy sparkly front yard. It’s one of many magical figures by Georgia artist Michelle Bradshaw.

Her world is filled with faeries and pixies; mermaids and selkies; dryads and dragons often so small they could fit into the palm of your hand.

Bradshaw has a remarkable imagination matched by accomplished sculpting skills. Look at the Julia Roberts likeness and the hunky men! Have a magical weekend.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Incredible work! I’m not much for faeries and such, but I must say they are amazing. I highly recommend checking out her “scales and fur” collection too. Yowza!!

    • reply Sherry Bailey ,

      I have long lusted after Michelle’s work! (Wish I could see it live and in person!) Her “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” sculpture could have been a model for “The Golden Compass” with the young girl riding the polar bear… I gather Pullman was influended by that fairy tale in his writing of that aspect of his books. Mind boggling work!

      • reply jana roberts benzon ,

        Some of the most incredible work I’ve ever seen….that polar bear! and the wolf! Mind boggling is right, Sherry. Such talent….

        • reply Sheri Williamson ,

          If you haven’t looked at the rest of Bradshaw’s gallery, DO IT NOW. I second Melanie’s recommendation – her critters are simply unbelievable!

          • reply Elizabeth Bonura ,

            One of my favorite artist! So inspirational!!!

            • reply Lunes ,

              We must all find this artist amazing. I featured Frozen Slumber on my blog a few weeks ago.

              • reply Donna Hess ,

                If I thought I had a little talent …… HA! ……. yours has blown me away! Your work is absolutely AMAZING. I can’t wait to see more.

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