Diffendaffer’s Book

My mind doesn’t work like Grant Diffendaffer’s . Which is why his new book, Polymer Clay Beads, from Lark Books is just the ticket for me. Recursive beads? Mandrel-formed beads? It stretches and bends my brain.

I had to read the instructions…and then read them again. Slowly his processes began to make sense and small sparks began to light up my dormant engineer, math/science lobe.

The book is available now. Grant has a luscious portfolio of his work on his web site if you want to sample his techniques there first.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    There’s only one word that sums up Grant’s beads – YUM! But drat it, Cynthia, now I have to go buy another book! ;P lol!

    If any of you love making beads and ever get a chance to take a Diffendaffer class, I highly recommend it. I took his Totally Textured Bead class and LOVED it!! Bravo, Grant!!

    • reply sophia lenz ,

      The book is beautifully done, the beads have a different edge, bold, rustic and gutsy. As a beginner, this book is rather challenging for me. But having taken a class from Judy Belcher on mica shift techniques (wheeewww!) it made a bit more sense or I would have been quite lost. What I like are the way his beads are simply the centerstage grabber, it needs almost no adorning of any kind. This opened a new avenue in bead making to many of us. Make it a statement, and it will tell great stories.

      • reply Amy Crawley ,

        I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this book. I also took Grant’s Totally Textured Beads workshop. His innovation really does open up many avenues. Congratulations Grant on your book!

        • reply Bettina Welker ,

          definitely a great book. Kudos to Grant

          • reply Carol Dickey ,

            I would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Thank you.

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