Young’s luminous Lumina

Arizona’s Camille Young works mostly in Lumina air dry polymer clay. She’s begun covering her wire and findings with clay so that her necklaces appear to sprout from the wearer and vine around them. She demonstrates her process on the site.

“I first start out with a length of the beading wire, and with crimping tubes, I attach shorter pieces of the beading wire to make loops, branches, etc. As I go, glass beads and pearls are added to complete the wire form,” she says.

A computer artist and painter, Camille gives her works a decidedly graphic feel and bright, exciting color. They’re for sale on her Etsy site.

  • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

    • reply Jen ,

      She is a great artist. Hey clay work is really fun and beautiful, and then on her site you see that she really is a very detail oriented artist. Her illustrations and paintings are great!

      • reply jana roberts benzon ,

        Thanks for the post, Cynthia, and Ronna, thanks for the added info. What creative work Camille does! Love to see ‘new and different’…

        • reply Camille Young ,

          Wow, thank you! What a surprise 😀 So far, I’ve found many uses for the clay and wire technique, and I’d love to see what other artists can do with it!

          • reply Rhonda ,

            Not only is she an amazing artist but an amazing person as well!

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