These springy polymer clay Jack In the Pulpit pins by Loretta Lam get me thinking ahead. Time to make some travel plans.

Of course there’s Synergy in February in Baltimore. I see that the Milwaukee Bead and Button Show class schedule is up…that’s in June.

And I just happened upon a great roster of classes at the Bead House in Bristol, Rhode Island. Victoria Hughes (that’s her exotic piece at right), Kathleen Dustin, Sarah Shriver, Robert Dancik and an equally stellar list of seed beaders and metal workers are teaching there. Just looking at the work on their web sites is educational. It looks like a fine year for learning.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    (Yeah, I know Cynthia, I’ve been commenting a lot on your blog lately. I was going to refrain today… but then I read your post and I just had to jump in…)

    The Bead House is an AMAZING place to take a workshop! I took a class with Kathleen Dustin there last year, and will be taking Robert Dancik’s class in next weekend. The workshop facility they’ve made is just fantastic – it’s located in a renovated factory that is now the home of many terrific artists. There is a rich aura of creativeness throughout the whole building. Well worth the journey!

    And last, but surely not least, Brava to Loretta for getting today’s showcase! I love your work, lady! 🙂

    • reply Loretta Lam ,

      hi Cynthia and thanks for the nod.
      Thanks too for the plug for another fine art center. This country is dotted with wonderful places to enrich our artistic experiences and they are suffering right now. Government has cut arts funding for seven years now and other societal factors are combining to create a fiscal crisis with arts organizations. I’d like to encourage our community to step out and take a class. Polymer…of course – but also other things. You never know where inspiration will come from or how learning to draw better will help you sculpt better or creating collages will help your jewelry design. Stepping into a new area often jump starts our creative juices. And, hey, if you’re already signed up for a great new class – ask a friend to join you! Even better.

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        I took the survey. I hope it will make a difference.

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