Reminders from Voulkos’ early works

Watching Pier Voulkos work with polymer clay was a sight to behold. You can capture a glimpse of those early days on the most recent post in the Polymer Art Archive where you’ll read about the early efforts of both Pier and Victoria Hughes.

I snapped these pictures at Pier’s class in 2001. She took slices from one simple cane and in a couple of minutes combined them in more ways than I imagined possible.

Her works from years ago are still fresh today and the picture of the shapes reminds me to push my ideas further.

  • reply Laura 3circlestudio ,

    I love her early work and it is so hard to find pictures. She has shared her wealth of knowledge with so many in workshops over the years. For those of us not able to partake in this opportunity, is there another resource of her work and/or technique available?

    In fact, I wish a simple tutorial existed demonstrating the variety of images available from a single cane such as that shown in the PCDaily example by Pier. When I struggled with canework, I so longed for such a tutorial, as I could not wrap my brain around the 3D part of the 2D image. Sometimes a demo is better than a picture.
    Thank you for sharing! I miss Pier’s work. I hope she is happy dancing!

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