Libby Mills’ appeals

Libby Mills’ new polymer clay works are just the thing to pick me up after a day of slogging through technical blog issues. The bright simple patterns combined with the texture and dimension of the metals somehow make her works friendly and appealing.

Real good for a day when I’m all out of tricks. Go see what Libby has up her sleeve. Here’ a link to her site (it wouldn’t work for me but maybe it’ll fix itself I spelled it wrong).

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Brava Libby! Your new work is simple amazing! Please, don’t stop – keep it up, girl!! 🙂

    Oh, and the dyslectic gremlins may be plaguing you too, Cynthia… Libbys web site address is (someone switched the “z” and the “b”).

    • reply Judy ,

      It has been fun to watch Libby’s work evolve in her blog. She is wonderfully open in her sharing in the ups and downs of her creative process. Every time I wear a pair of her earrings, my daughter comments on how much she likes them. Thanks for highlighting this quiet, unassuming, but quite talented polymer clay artist.

      • reply Libby Mills ,

        Thanks Cynthia! I can relate to slogging through technical website/blog issues. The server at my webhost has had 2 major hard drive crashes in the last month resulting in days of site downtime and 2 resets. The site appears to be up today, but I am going to be changing hosts soon which may take things offline again for a bit.

        I should probably just step away from the computer and head to the studio.

        • reply Bettina Welker ,

          Yay, great to see Libby featured Cynthia. It was a pleasure to finally meet her (and her beautiful work) in person at Synergy. did I tell already that I had a blast with all of you…*g*


          • reply Jenn ,

            As Libby’s web/tech advisor person, I’m more than familiar with Libby’s work, and am both happy & proud to help her show it off on the web, but the glitchiness of the current server has been a pain. I’m hoping that we can get her site on a more stable server soon, and that it will be a seamless transition. Stay tuned.

            At any rate, It’s nice to see I’m in such good company as one of her fans. =)

            • reply Amy Crawley ,

              Lovely work Libby! Thanks for sharing Libby’s work with us, Cynthia.


              • reply Janice Abarbanel ,

                Libby has such a wonderful sense of color and design. Thanks for highlighting one of her many beautiful pieces. Us Libby fans have been bummed her site has been “zoiding” out! Sorry, couldn’t resist!

                • reply Hollie Mion ,

                  I love the earrings I got from Libby at Synergy – great stuff Libby!

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