Israeli, Spanish polymer artists

As long as we’re on the road, let’s go to Spain and visit Claudia Raffa, a young Italian polymer clay artist living in Spain. She used a transfer technique to decorate these Skinner blend beads. Her blog is full of tutorials and intriguing examples.

And since you’ve got the weekend to travel, stop by the Israeli group site (right) that shows some of the work from a recent guild exhibit (here’s their photo site) celebrating the group’s second birthday.

The translation didn’t make much sense to me but you can see that the Israeli group is an active and adventurous guild that clearly puts their own cultural spin on their polymer clay works.

Eti Raz (bottle), Tami Shvat (wood) and Israela (face); all these artists are members of the Israeli PC guild. Thanks to Tania Podoleanu for the clarification. The Israelis speaking Russian had me totally confused. I hope I’ve got it right. Enjoy your exotic weekend.

  • reply Tania Podoleanu ,

    Hi, I just want to correct your last post; the right side pics are NOT the russian group, but the israelian group (the russians just posted these pics on their forum); these works are : Eti Raz (the bottle), Tami Shvat (wood +PC) and Israela (the transfer work); all these artists are memebers of the Israeli PC guild.

    Thanks so much for your blog, it’s a daily pleasure


    • reply Liva (Tin_Liva) ,

      some people from Israeli Polymer Clay Guild also are members in Polymerclayfimo community (community in russian language, where are people from all the world, and also different nations:)). this post was sharing info abut IPCG birthday – 2 years. and it is very nice to see how different are work

      • reply Carrie ,

        The polymer clay combined with the natural wood is a really nice effect.

        • reply Kathi ,

          I am always amazed at the wonderful work these folks do. I drool over their bright and colorful work almost daily!

          • reply Caren Goodrich ,

            Just want to say how much I enjoy PCD. I read it and learn from it every day.

            • reply naama zamir ,

              thanks Cynthia for the spot light for the Israeli group

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                • reply Trina ,

                  I love Tami’s flower canes. I have bought her Poppy Cane on Ebay and it is exquisite. We have had several members of the Israeli group at Sandy Camp. They all do beautiful work.

                  • reply Cindy Lietz ,

                    What I really love about seeing polymer clay works from other countries is the differences in color palettes and differences in design styles. The problem with only seeing works from your own country and culture is that after awhile they tend to get a similar look. An infusion of art from other countries can bring a new ‘freshness’ to what we are doing here in North America. Thank you for sharing this with us!

                    • reply Claudia Raffa ,

                      Thank you very much, Cynthia!

                      • reply Jaun Millalonco ,

                        Just wanted to say great job with the blog, today is my first visit here and I’ve enjoyed reading your posts so far 🙂

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