Walnut and Pebbles Bowl

This walnut bowl inlaid with polymer clay pebbles is a prototype for me. It’s not quite there yet but I thought I’d let you have a sneak peek while I go help renovate my living room. One last coat of finish on the floor and life can return to normal. (The dumpster, the plaster and the snow are all gone.)

The pebbles were supposed to look like they went right through the bowl and while it doesn’t pass my scrutiny, it’ll delight the boys (well, men) at lathe club and make my husband a star. In that sense, it’s a success and that’s enough.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Zounds Girl! That is fantastic!! More, more I say!! *does the happy dance for Cynthia* Of course the pebbles look like they are going through the bowl. I’m thinking this is the best piece I’ve ever seen from you. my dear. I’m soooo happy you decided to share it with all of us!

    • reply Kim Cavender ,

      What could possibly be better than a pebble bowl? It’s wonderful, Cynthia and such a great idea. You and Blair both rock!

      • reply darleen ,

        I love that piece! I had to read the post twice to see that the pebbles are relly clay! It looks perfect to me!

        • reply Kathi ,

          I really like that bowl Cynthia! Rocks and wood….what more could a nature lover want?

          • reply Lenora ,

            I agree with everyone else, Cynthia. The rocks which I’ve seen in your necklace are just perfect with the bowl.

            • reply Judy Belcher ,

              MORE BOWLS, MORE BOWLS! Tell Blair the floor can wait. More Bowls, please!

              • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                Way cool!

                • reply Marla ,

                  This is wonderful, Cynthia! It’s great to see what you’re up to. I’m with Judy — more, more more!

                  • reply Sue O. ,


                    • reply Bettina ,

                      what a beautiful bowl – wow…I want more aswell

                      • reply Hollie Mion ,

                        My kudos to you as well. I liked your all “pebble” bowl you made in New Mexico last year too. I wish I had it in my collection, hint hint.

                        • reply TinaH ,

                          LOVE pebbles! and WOOD! doesn’t it feel great to work with a partner and turn what are two seperate beautiful products into one gorgeous object? Wonderful!

                          • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

                            What a gorgeous combination!

                            • reply Sandy ,

                              Wow! Your bowl is fantastic, what an interesting idea. The pebbles are realistic looking. I’d really really like to be able to touch this!

                              • reply Julie Picarello ,

                                Unique, clever & charming…and as an added bonus, I’m reminded of the pebble candy we used to eat as kids. I’m afraid if I had the opportunity to admire this bowl in person, I’d be horribly empted to sneak a taste!

                                • reply carissa ,

                                  Cynthia- as always your work is a delight. It’s been an awfully long time since you have graced us with any. Thank you for the treat!.

                                  • reply Kit ,

                                    WHAT a cool idea!!!! This is the coolest non-jewelry thing I’ve seen with polymer clay in SUCH a long time. I absolutely love it and wish I’d thought of it. So, so cool.

                                    • reply Ulrike ,

                                      wow, stunning piece. The pebbles really look like they went through the bowl.

                                      • reply Ulrike ,

                                        ups forgot a “a” in my mail-addy

                                        • reply Michelle at Scribbit ,

                                          It’s beautiful! Are there tricks to making them look like rocks?

                                          • reply zhongbo ,

                                            wow,the bowl is very beautiful,the form is unique

                                            • reply Judy ,

                                              What a brilliant idea! Wonderful combination and love the insertion technique!

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