Appealing spring choices

Some days everything appeals to me. I couldn’t decide which of these polymer clay finds to feature today so I’m showing you all of them.

Barcelona’s Tatiana Franchi’s little figure has such a casual lifelike stance that I was totally charmed by it. Check out the Crocs on her tiny feet.

Perhaps it’s because I never learned to crochet that Portugal’s Sandra Rodrigues’ bright beads with crocheted covers draw me in.

And then there’s Scott Mizevitz’ magic bead (refer to basic how-to’s here and here). The colors glow and I wonder if you can make that magic happen consistently or if it’s just, well, magic.

It’s a spacey, spring Thursday. Everything looks lovely. Enjoy. (Comments may not be working right until this weekend. Send yours to

  • reply Scott ,

    What a surprise! Thank you so much for the post and kind words. I think the way the pendant is paired with that necklace by Sandra Rodrigues (that’s a beauty) we almost have one of Ponsawan’s “wild things” necklaces. Almost.
    The technique is the same but Instead of shaving off the clay to reveal the pattern beneath, I bake the piece first and sand off the majority with coarse sandpaper, switching to fine, etc. once I get past the majority of raised pattern. It reduces the distortion from dragging the blade and I have more control over how much I reveal. Since the pendant is domed, it’s difficult to remove the excess with a blade and not take off too much. (Wow I hope this makes sense when you read it)

    • reply DDee Wilder ,

      Scott’s bead is beautiful! Another, earlier, “hidden magic” tutorial from Jenny Patterson can be found in Fall 2003 Polymer Cafe.

      • reply Susan Turney ,

        Scott’s bead is beautiful and the fact that he is so meticulous shows right through!!!! I can’t wait to try his method. Thanks for posting it.

        • reply Ponsawan ,

          Beautiful as usual, Scott. Congratulations 🙂

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