Arkin’s polymer clay commentary

Continuing Friday’s art-as-commentary theme, let’s look at another army of polymer clay figures from New York’s Elliott Arkin whose small people exude a kind of eerie lifelike quality. Mr. Arkin fashions remarkably detailed scale models of exaggerated characters that are designed to provoke close-up inspection.

Early works are represented on Arkin’s web site (many links are broken and it hasn’t been updated recently). His more recent pieces are wry comments on art, society and politics. They can be found on the Artnet magazine site. The link comes to us from Susan Rose.

  • reply sari0009 ,

    Wow. Just…wow.

    • reply Tzunun ,

      Whoa – this dude’s got some serious hostility bubbling to the surface. I don’t know who some of his subjects are, but I can imagine they’re none too pleased with their likenesses. The topiary flea was a clever respite in the midst of all the rage.

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