Blackford’s extruded snakeskin

Not too many artists would see extruded polymer clay canes as perfect snakeskin! Leslie Blackford saw the knot hole in Marla Frankenberg’s turned wooden bowl (from a woodturner at Arrowmont) and this decorative element sprang from Leslie’s fingers.

In rural Kentucky, Leslie is well acquainted with snakes so the piece looks very lifelike. You can see lots of older posts on Leslie’s work here and on her Deviant gallery.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    OMG!!! Another fantasmagoricaly stunning work by Leslie!! Yikes! I love it! Leslie, you do amazing work – Brava!

    And… is Marla now turning word?!? 😉

    • reply Francie Owens ,

      I just love Leslie’s snakes. They spring so effortlessly from her fingers. I have a small one that Leslie made for a demo at our last Mammoth Cave Retreat. Before it was baked, it draped across my hand just like a live snake. I have it on my kitchen window sill and look at it everyday and think of Leslie and her many talents.

      • reply marla ,,,HGTV_3351_1391615,00.html

        This is my favorite snake in the whole world!

        And no, Melanie, I’m not turning word, or even wood! Bobby Clemons was teaching at Arrowmont at the same time I was last fall, & he turned the bowl. It had a hole in it, & he brought it over to me to fill up with clay. And I’m so glad I passed it on to Leslie to do!

        I haven’t found a website for Bobby, but here is a link. And his work is just gorgeous.,,HGTV_3351_1391615,0

        • reply Bettina Welker ,

          what a beautiful snake – I don’t like snakes very much but I theink there are some really beautiful snakes out there – this is one of them…great idea

          • reply Reborn Doll ,

            Thanks for that info – take a look at my site sometime – it may be of interest.

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