Laska’s green studio

The pictures of Marcia Laska’s West Virgina studio are stuck in my head. Even though it’s still under construction, her three-level creative retreat looks dreamy to me. Marcia has a companion web site also under construction with just a few pictures in her gallery.

She says of the location, “We’re miles from the nearest neighbor or tarred road. We generate all our own power, mostly from solar and wind generators, and we communicate with the outside world through a satellite downlink.” Solitude, self-sufficiency and an internet connection! Heaven.

Marcia’s first love is fiber and she began using polymer clay as accents for her hand-dyed and knitted scarves. She’s also the Recording Secretary for the National Polymer Clay Guild. Now maybe I can get back to work and stop daydreaming about spring in West Virginia.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    Sweet setup, Marcia! I especially like the wind generator – we’ve been playing with the idea of a turbine, but it would require too many trees to be taken down. Living miles from your nearest neighbor sounds dreamy! We live deep in the woods, but there are others living here too. My solar powered “off the grid” life has been totally “pawned”(as my teenage son would say) by your place. It sounds just wonderful!

    Sooo… now I need to find a way to finagle a visit. 😉

    Thanks for a terrific post this morning Cynthia! It’s always good to know of others who are trying to step lighter on this earth.

    • reply Marcia Laska ,

      Melanie and Cynthia
      It is our hope that artists will want to come visit. We want to share the peace and beauty of West Virgina. In return we hope our friends will be inspired in their endeavors. What could be better than good work, good conversation, good wine…
      Thanks for the interest. We’ll let you know when we are ready!
      Hugs, Marcia

      • reply Kim Cavender ,

        Marcia is such a special and talented person and I admire her so much. I’m happy to know that her dream coming to life. No one deserves it more than you do, M!

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