Keeping tabs on the polymer clay bangle trend, I roamed the world to find more examples to start your week. The ones on the left are from Austria’s Gudrun Stolz. The unusual shapes play against the smooth surfaces into which she’s carved and backfilled the designs. She’s only been working with polymer for a year.

Italy’s Laura Bocchi (Verdevescica) created the "Spazio 2" bangles on the right which are embellished with thick slices of cane or extrusions. She’s also been creating unusual flowers from combinations of wire and what looks to be liquid polymer.

It’s good to see how the bangle trend moves and changes around the world.


  • reply Eva/le Loup ,

    Hi! I do not agree with you, Laura Bocchi, it is clay in the wire and this is an excellent job. look at the thickness and blends! ;-))
    I would link this work with another which does not have the same sensitivity, and also different.
    But she will explain to us maybe!
    bye! and thank you very much for this article!

    • reply Bettina Welker ,

      Congratulations on the featur Gudrun – you definitely deserve it!

      • reply Melanie West ,

        Holy %@&%**$@! Gudrun’s shapes are terrific! I would love to know if she’s using an armature or not. I remember seeing her round bangles with those luscious patterns on them… it’s great to see her stretching her work into new forms.

        Thanks Cynthia, for giving me a good Monday morning shot of energy and inspiration! 😉

        • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

          Eva – Fabulous links…thanks so much.


          • reply gudrun stolz ,

            hello cynthia,
            i´m reading your blog every day – and i´m really proud that you made a posting about my work – thanx for your writing – and your every day inspiration!

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