Petroglyphs and nail art canes

I’ve been making some translucent polymer clay petroglyphs canes for my rocks following the techniques developed by Kathleen Dustin, Marla Frankenberg and others. Slicing the soft image canes thin enough is an art in itself.

The nail technicians at the Beauty Tech Shoppe are way ahead of me and have opened up a new niche market for all of us. I’ll bet your nails go through too much abuse to try this but we can admire the small landscapes others create on their acrylic nails.

Iris Mishly posted about this on Thursday and Susan Lomuto sent it along.

NOTE: The nail canes are pre-baked, sliced and applied, then several coats of clear polish are added on top. Fashionista Cat Theiren sells them on her site and has more “how-to” information.


  • reply Dee Wilder ,

    I am blown away! Something entirely new and different. Don’t you just love new markets. Thanks for passing this around.

    • reply Barbara Forbes-Lyons ,

      If you really want to see ‘crazy’ nails, check out some of the things done in the Russian Nail Art Championships. Be sure to click on the pics to see close-up shots.

      • reply Kim ,

        Have mercy Barbara! 😀 I what I call fingernubs instead of fingernails so this type of art would probably not be for me. But it’s cool what people can thing up to do!

        • reply Cindy Lietz ,

          It is funny how great minds think alike! I wrote a post on this Fimo nail art business just a little while ago. I got a question from a reader about it and had to look into it. Incredible what some of these nail artists are doing with the canes. Creates all kinds of neat opportunities for making canes!

          • reply Melanie West ,

            Actually, Cynthia, your petroglyph rocks win hands down over the nails. I love the rocks, but the addition of the petroglyphs is the cats meow! Well done!!

            So, now that you have amplitudes of studio time, will that mean we will see more of your delightful work? *hint hint, nudge nudge*

            • reply Sue Springer ,

              I do so appreciate checking in every day to see what’s new. I could never have a blog. I just couldn’t post stuff I hate. You really do cover all bases. Thanks.

              I’ve been thinking about Fimo nail art for a few days and I just can’t help but wonder, “How do you cure your nails?”.

              • reply Charlene ("Cat") Therien ,

                • reply C.A.Therien Polymer Clay Arts » Blog Archive » Nail Art with Clay Canes ,

                  […] I’ve been investigating this use of canework for about a month now, ever since an Etsy customer brought it to my attention by asking if I’d make some baked canes for her.  Then last Friday, Cynthia Tinapple mentioned it on Polymer Clay Daily.  […]

                  • reply Eva/le Loup ,

                    Hello Cynthia!
                    I forgot to say that I was delighted to see what you do!
                    since announcing a post about your work, I was impatient and then I ended up forgetting! ;-))
                    it’s a good job! the land art inspires much at the moment! Is it your concern current or entertainment?
                    thank you by surprise!
                    and did you answer to sue springer how curing her nails?
                    see you soon!

                    • reply Jerra ,

                      Hi I am one of those nail techs you guys are wondering about. Actually we use the canes and embed them in acrylic or UV. Gel. The Uv Gel is put on in very thin layers and cured under a uv light and sculpted or using tips. They make for very strong lightweight and waterproof nails that dont lift like acrylics do sometimes.These little slices are making us all happy and crazy as we absolutely love them. Thank you Jerra

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