Donna Kato has a new batch of polymer clay rings on her web site. Other sites have already featured them but I didn’t want you to miss these graceful and playful new designs. (Sometimes her pictures load slowly but you know it’s worth the wait.)

Donna’s been working with these signature canes for a while, inspired by Peter Chang’s work. There’s no mistaking Donna’s flawless control of detail in her canes. All-polymer wedding rings tweak the noses of those whose notion of fine jewelry only extends to precious stones and metal.

  • reply Karina ,

    I Love The Work of Donna Kato ^_^
    The News Rings are Great, Unique and Beautiful! ^_^

    • reply Charlene ("Cat") Therien ,

      I love Donna’s use of color in these. While they are colorful, the shades aren’t overwhelmingly bright. My favorite is the orange one, bottom left.


      • reply Lorrene Davis ,

        Oh, thank you. Love Donna and her artistry, but, oh my gosh, Peter Chang’s work is ….. well, there are no words. Love the stretching of shapes, colors and function.

        • reply Melanie West ,

          Wonderful rings! I can help wondering, is she reinforcing them with armature, or are they just clay? However she does it, they are lovely. Brava, Donna!

          • reply Melanie West ,

            Er… “can’t help”. Shouldn’t be allowed near a key board until I have my coffee. x.X

            • reply Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor ,

              I can relate Melanie, to the coffee and keyboard thing!

              I have the same question about the armature. I am so hard on rings, I would be afraid of them breaking. I just love how they look though. Donna is amazing!

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